Sean Shiang Whelan

Most Recent Position
Senior UX Designer, Rivian

ArtCenter College of Design

Rivian In-vehicle Experiences

OS - Android Auto
Vehicle - R1S, R1T
Release - TBA 2024

During my time at Rivian I developed improvements to in-vehicle media experiences and assisted in the development of system patterns and driving related features. Features I worked on will be released in 2024.

* Disclaimer: The image shown is of existing in-vehicle UI which was developed by many designers over many years. I am not claiming credit for the pixels shown in this image.
Surface Duo 2 October 2022 Update

OS - Android 12L
Device - Surface Duo 2
Release - October 2022

For this update, Surface brought a variety of enhancements to Duo 2 as it made the jump from Android 11 to Android 12L. I led the design efforts for an improved Night Mode in the camera app and a completely new UI surface that is invoked when a user presses the tail button on their paired Surface Pen.
Surface Duo 2 Native Camera App

OS - Android 11
Device - Surface Duo 2
Release - Fall 2021

Designed the native camera application. The design process included iterating information architecture and visual design in Figma, building prototypes for concept validation and user testing in ProtoPie, and representing the experience for reviews in 3D renders made in Blender. Final prototypes were used to define logic, animations, transitions, and navigation for engineering.
Visual Interaction Study

Visuals in Figma.
Prototyping and motion in ProtoPie.
Blender for context visualization.
Surface Duo 1 Native Camera App

OS - Android 10
Hardware - Surface Duo 1
Release - Fall 2020

Designed the native camera application. The design process included iterating information architecture and visual design in Figma and prototyping in ProtoPie.
Surface Pen First Run Experience

OS - Windows 10
Hardware - Surface Pro X
Release - Fall 2019

Designed the first run experience for pen devices of the Surface Pro line. Visual design and experience permutations were defined in Figma. The start-to-finish experience and hardware triggers were prototyped with ProtoPie. Engineering was provided specs via Figma, ProtoPie, and video assets.
Windows Ink Workspace

OS - Windows10
Hardware - All Windows 10 Devices
Release - Fall 2019

The simplification of the Ink Workspace on all Windows 10 devices. The final design includes a systematic way to introduce more entry points to the menu over future releases. Prototypes were created to evaluate a range of menu functionality. The design shown is the first version.
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